Animals can be identified by their external features.
    Animals with similar external features can be grouped together.
      There are many different ways of grouping animals.
        We can use two or more external features to group the animals. 



        1. Which of these things is false?
        Plants have roots
        Plants have leaves
        Plants have legs

        2. Which of these is NOT an animal?
        A bee
        A buttercup
        A human

        3. How are birds and insects different?
        Birds have wings, insects do not
        Birds have feathers, insects do not
        Birds have legs, insects do not

        4. Which of these animals can fly?
        A penguin
        A squirrel
        A thrush

        5. How many legs does a bee have?

        6. Which of these is true?
        All animals have tails
        All animals can swim
        All animals move

        7. What is the main difference between a buttercup and an oak tree?
        A buttercup is a plant; an oak tree is not
        An oak tree is a plant; a buttercup is not
        An oak tree grows much taller

        8. How are humans and birds the same?
        They both have two arms
        They both have two legs
        They both have feathers